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Save Our Salerno

Join the movement! Save Our Salerno is a dedicated community service initiative, focused on preserving the beauty and charm of our neighborhood. Whether you're a concerned resident or just passionate about making a difference, we welcome you with open arms.

Community Events

Get Involved With Save our Salerno


Community Cleanups

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Supporting Our Local Fishing Tournaments


Summer BBQ Bash

Conference Meeting

CRA & NAC Community Meetings


Christmas Jamboree

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Board of County Commissioners Meetings -


Volunteer Your
Time, Treasure, & Talent


At Save Our Salerno (SOS), we believe that 'Time' is one of the most precious gifts our volunteers can offer. Every moment you dedicate to our cause helps to strengthen and enrich our community. Whether it's participating in event planning, joining in cleanups, or assisting in our various community projects, your time contributes immensely to our mission. By volunteering your time, you play a pivotal role in preserving the charm and heritage of Port Salerno, making a tangible difference in the lives of our neighbors and in the environment we cherish.


'Treasure' reflects the financial or material contributions that support the mission of SOS. Monetary donations, whether big or small, play a crucial role in funding our community projects and events. Contributions can also come in the form of resources or materials needed for our various initiatives. Your generosity enables us to continue our work in community development, cultural preservation, and environmental stewardship. By donating your treasure, you become an integral part of our journey towards a sustainable and prosperous future for Port Salerno.


'Talent' represents the unique skills and abilities that each volunteer brings to SOS. We encourage individuals from all walks of life to share their expertise and passions with us. Whether you're a skilled organizer, an adept communicator, a creative artist, or have other talents, your contribution is invaluable. Your unique talents can drive innovative solutions, inspire others, and lead various initiatives that benefit our community. By sharing your talents with SOS, you help us to foster a vibrant, thriving, and dynamic Port Salerno.

Donate & Save Our Salerno

Casey Cass is a local businessman who has made a significant impact in his community by starting the Save Our Salerno movement. He is a devoted father, philanthropist, and animal lover. Thanks to his efforts, S.O.S. has grown exponentially and continues to make a positive impact on the community every day.

Our community is truly amazing. Our members and volunteers are always there to lend a hand, whether it's holding a sign, picking up trash, attending meetings, or helping out with other SOS activities. We couldn't do it without them, and we're grateful for their dedication and support.

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