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Unveiling more True Colors of Commissioner Heard

Updated: May 16

In the heart of Port Salerno, a storm has been brewing. Commissioner Heard, once again finds herself entangled in controversy as Port Salerno's essence hangs in the balance.

The distanced commissioner who has sided with Crowley to bring doom upon our historical town of Port Salerno still seems to stand at an ideological crossroad with her district, CRA, and NAC - the very pillars that once supported her ascent. The echoes of discontent continue reverberate through the streets as whispers of disappointments have grown louder.

As frustrations mount, the rift widens when news at the May 14th County Commissioners meeting surfaces that CRA has secured funds yet failed to allocate a single penny towards property acquisition. Commissioner Heard shows her frustrations with arms crossed and angry expressions. Jaw dropped in disbelief, someone didn't get her way this time which is one giant step for Port Salerno residents.

As a Commissioner, if you care about your district, you would hold to the promises made upon election, attend the local CRA & NAC meetings and KNOW what's going on in the community. Evidently, Heard cares more about what's going on at the golf club she frequents, the Brightline station (which will become bankrupt at some point) and flamingos nesting out West of town. What about the wildlife in Port Salerno that she wants to destroy with buildings? We've asked for additional slips for the docks which will help us continue to grow. The first words out of her mouth were "Who's paying for this?" She of course is against the dock. She states "she's never been approached" and "I'm I'm I'm stumped" about the dock expansion which is a County wide amenity and an important part of Port Salerno. Well, wouldn't she know if she attended the meetings? These docks have provided years of success for the town of Port Salerno and our fishermen, also receiving many rewards over the years.


Recap on what we will be seeing this year. As we know Park Drive is being "enhanced" and improved to serve residents, businesses and visitors in form of sewer accessibility, drainage, roadway repaving, new dumpster enclosure, additional concrete for truck parking, crosswalk, less signage & new park equipment. Construction on this is scheduled to start in early Fall.

As mentioned above the CRA has locked in the funds for 2025, here are the plans.

1.241 million budget, 1/2 will be spent on the infrastructure partnership sewer, the rest split over New Monrovia roadway improvements, sidewalks, repaving, lighting & landscaping.

New Monrovia Park improvements which include re-surfacing the basketball courts, drainage, leveling, and shade structures.

Thank you Terri K for speaking to the board with suggestions to change the meeting times so more people would be able to attend, reminding them of the threats from Crowley (they should not be enabled to sweep this under the rug) trying to take away the power of the NAC.

As a community we need to continue to stand together and SAVE OUR SALERNO!

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