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Month of JUNE

With the month of June just around the corner, here is an updated list

of meetings and events.

Tuesday 6-4 9am BOCC meeting

Thursday 6-6 7pm LPA (Local planning agency)

Friday 6-7 1pm freight and transport advisory meeting

**Saturday June 8th 10-4 SOS Summer Bash**

Monday 6-10 2pm bicycle & pedestrian advisory meeting

Thursday 6-13 9am BOCC meeting - This is a joint meeting of BOCC

held at the Blake Library.

NAC 6pm- Neighborhood advisory meeting @Port Salerno civic center

Monday 6-17 MPO 9am (metropolitan planning organization)

Tuesday 6-18 9am BOCC

Wednesday 6-19 9am code enforcement magistrate hearing

Thursday 5-20 4:40pm parks and recreation advisory meeting

LPA 7pm Local planning agency meeting

Friday 6-21 8:30am business development board of MC meeting

Monday 6-24 3pm CRA -Community redevelopment advisory

Wednesday 6-26 8:30am business development board of MC meeting

Thursday 6-27 1pm board of zoning adjustment meeting

Please be sure to join us for the meetings in highlighted. Strength

speaks in numbers! On Tuesday 6-4 they are addressing the

Port Salerno docks, we need our voices to be heard!

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